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Bringing awareness to the history of black dance in Atlanta as a community force.



Reverence: The Axam Dance Legacy" is a documentary celebrating the profound impact of Terrie Ajile Axam and Dawn Axam, influential Black dance artists in Atlanta. This film showcases their voices and their influence on the city's black dance-arts culture, often overlooked but deeply significant. Through interviews, choreography, and archival footage, the documentary sheds light on their legacy, offering a platform for students, artists, and performers to share their experiences with the Axam sisters.

It's a tribute to their pioneering work, which not only laid the foundation for countless artists but continues to resonate through their ongoing contributions. 

On January 14, 2024 at 4pm at Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre Studios in Atlanta, GA, Reverence: The Axam Dance Legacy premiered

Our first documentary FIVE STORIES premiered August 2022 at the Historic Underground Atlanta. The Atlanta Dance Community came together for one night only embracing the stories that have been passed down orally but now finally documented.

Motivated by her own Atlanta Dance memories, dancer and photographer Shoccara Marcus took viewers on a journey down memory lane. What is the impact of black artists in Atlanta? This documentary disclosed the significance of the first Black studio in the Atlanta dance community and what impact the dance community had on the community at large.

From Barbara Sullivan, Billie Gaither, Norma B. Mitchell, Spelman’s Children’s Theater, and Valjean Grigsby, this story brought awareness to their history, their struggles and their reason for being a force in the arts community.



DANCE STORIES ATL, is a production company founded by two Howard University alumnae, Shoccara Marcus and Tamara Irving, dedicated to preserving the rich history of dance and amplifying the voices of the Black dance community in Atlanta, Georgia, through compelling documentaries

The screening of Five Stories documentary


  • To continue documenting the history of the black dance pioneers of Atlanta one story at a time.


  • Create a database of stories that will be included in the curriculum of schools throughout Georgia.


  • Featured on streaming platforms like Netflix, broadcast networks such as PBS, and explore avenues for rentals and distribution channels to maximize accessibility and broaden our audience reach.


Your help will

  • support the next documentary 

  • hire students/interns as part of research team   

  • will increase the awareness of our dance history 

Dance Stories ATL is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas,

a non-profit arts service organization.

Contributions for the charitable purposes of Dance Stories ATL

must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are

tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Screening of FIVE STORIES





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